All The SEO Strategies You Need To Know In 2021

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All The SEO Strategies You Need To Know In 2021


The objective of every business is to gain a large customer base. You can do it by improving your digital presence through search engine optimization (SEO) and attract customers from your choice of market segment.


Local SEO is the process through which you enhance your online content to attract more users and potential clients on local searches. The process is quite similar to general SEO in terms of improving your rankings.

Although, the objective of local SEO is a bit different from SEO. Through local search engine optimization, you can optimize your website and content to get your business’ name on a higher rank in the local search results.

Local SEO has gained much more importance in the recent times, after Google introduced the Local Pack, also known as Map Pack or Snap Pack for search engine results page.  It’s a SERP (search engine results page) which provides users with a brief information of a business which might be a possible answer to the query entered by the user.

Google’s Local Pack displays important description about your business such as opening hours, contact information, location, customer reviews etc. it immediately helps users understand more about your business.

Local SEO is a quite popular and widely used practice for small businesses, it enables you to rank higher in the local searches which makes prospective clients aware about you. It ultimately leads them to your website. It also enables you to gain better organic search presence.

Dubai Local Pack SEO

This helps your business grow and expand over time by attracting more potential customers. You can hire professional digital marketing experts to optimize your website for Google’s Local Pack.



According to researches, almost half of Google searches are local. If you do not use local SEO, you will miss out a great opportunity to have a large customer base. With the help of digital marketing agency, you can optimize your website and online content.


‘Google my business’ is a free tool that you can use to improve your digital presence for local as well as organic searches. It’s a much needed and well developed tool which helps your customers and prospects know more about your business. It is quite simple to manage your GMB profile.

You can promote your business by linking it to Google maps through your GMB profile. It gives your customers the access to information which they want to know about your business such as your address, contact details, customer reviews, ratings and business hours.


Most of the search traffic comes through mobile phones. And most of these searches are location based, which means people mostly search about businesses in their region.

If a person wants to try out a new restaurant, he might search “restaurants near me” on Google through his mobile phone, and the restaurants with high ranking local search presence will appear first in the search results. Therefore, it is important to optimize your website for mobile SEO as well.


Customers ratings and reviews are essential to gain new customers. Therefore, it is a vital part of your SEO strategy. You need to be honest and transparent about your business and let the customers know that you are worthy of their trust.

To know what your customer think about your products or service, you should encourage them to share their feedback. Highlight the positive views about your business so that when you appear in searches, those reviews will leave a positive impact on your prospects.


As you might have understood a lot about local SEO from above information, you are now aware of how beneficial it is for your business. It is a better option for the small businesses to grow their presence online.

The local search engine optimization helps you with the following aspects:

  1. Drastically improved sales
  2. Gain prospects
  3. Build image and trust
  4. Shows that you are credible
  5. Develops a loyal customer base

Would you suggest some friend of yours to look into local SEO for their small business? Let us know what businesses you or your friends are involved into.

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